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Kurt Cobain Signed, Hand-Drawn Sea Horse Sketch!


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Kurt Cobain Signed, Hand-Drawn Sea Horse Sketch!


Jackie Farry (Kurt Cobain's Nanny) remembers the sea horse quite well...
It was a brooch, narrow and three inches high.  It had a shiny metallic finish and gemstone for an eye.  She spotted it at a vintage store in Seattle and bought it for her employer, Kurt Cobain, the singer and guitarist with "Nirvana".  She gave Cobain the brooch as the two stood outside a hotel in 1992.  Cobain, who always adored sea horses, seemed genuinely moved.  He smiled and immediately pinned it to his jacket.
Later, he made a painting of it, which he wanted his daughter's Nanny to have...
...She never received it.


"When Cobain's body was found, the actual sea horse painting was still hanging on a wall."
Cobain's love and fascination with sea horses has been documented.  This rare sketch of a sea horse by Kurt Cobain has personal, valid meaning and is truly something much more than the sketches we've seen and owned before of Cobain's.
Custom framed with laser-cut graphics, photos and descriptive nameplate. 
This is an absolutely incredible piece of Kurt Cobain memorabilia.